Our Approach



Customer Service

Our approach to providing a high level of Customer Service starts with open and precise communication. This is achieved by listening closely to the goals and understanding the needs of the client.  This information is used to develop a robust scope and plan that provides a path to proactive, consistent, and high quality services. The combination of fostering a great relationship and building strong synergy is a vital part of our commitment to our clients.

Offer Diverse Services

Facility Management is a very broad and general service to offer. Every building and facility requires its own set of needs which requires a vast number of partnerships within our industry for sustainability. Our team of professionals allows PGS to provide a diverse portfolio of services to establish a YES WE CAN!! standard.trust

No Commitment Contracts

Our clients are never forced to continue using our services if they are dissatisfied or no longer in need.  Our contracts are month to month to give our clients the relief of knowing they aren’t locked into a long term contract.

Hiring Practices

We strive to employ top quality professionals to our staff through skill and moral conduct evaluations, prior work experience, criminal background checks, and references. In addition we provide thorough safety/job training, and routine quality checks. Our goal is to instill the company’s vision and purpose into our staff and motivate them to provide great customer service.

Results Oriented Processes

Providing a service to a client entails 5 simple functions:

  • Determine the need of the client
  • Have a clear and mutual understanding of expectations
  • Administer a quick response to requests and concerns
  • Manage consistency through quality checks and client feedback

Of course there are many intricate steps involved to support these functions. These steps must help fulfill at least one of the above functions or they are of low value.  At PGS we understand the simplicity of the overall goal of our service to the client without losing sight of the complexity of how to deliver. As a client you don’t have the time to deal with excuses only effective solutions to your problems and requests. Promptly delivering the desired result is the bottom line PERIOD!!

Quick Response Time

As we strive to provide our services to perfection we understand the reality that issues will occur. To keep our client’s happy we have implemented a 1 hour response time to client concerns and requests. We know that it’s easy to do things when everything goes as planned, it’s when they don’t that shows our true value and character.

approachAccount Management

The purpose of our management staff is to ensure PGS delivers on what we promise day in and day out. Management provides support for the client as well as employees and contractors. Providing a great service doesn’t happen on its own, it must be planned and well managed.

Budget Consciousness

Never before has the topic of budgets played a more major role in how we do business in this economy. Some discussions have moved from do we need it to simply can we afford it. Aligning our services with a client’s budgets is a vital component of supporting our clients. This means that we have to be very efficient in how we manage our client’s assets. Being current with industry innovations and technology plays a huge role in increasing proficiency.

Value Added Services

Providing a “good” service and client experience isn’t always “good enough” to retain loyal and repeat clients. We train our staff to provide EXCELLENT results and endeavor to perform value added services by going the extra mile. Our belief is that when we do something extra without being compensated eventually we will through new and repeat business.

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