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Janitorial – Why We Clean For Health

Let’s be clear along with clients your staff is the most important part of your business. Staff members help you keep your business running at optimal levels. When they miss work it can affect productivity, safety, company finances, and morale. The most common reasons for employee absenteeism are sickness and injuries which can be increased with unhealthy and poor working environments. By keeping your workplace clean you can reduce germ and bacteria transmission, odor, and improve the visual appeal. Employees spend on average around 33% of their day at work they deserve to have a healthy workplace. Let PGS evaluate your office or facility’s janitorial needs to help increase your business image and overall staff performance. We will submit a plan of action that will provide you and your staff a cleaner and healthier workplace.

Services Include:


How We Implement

Client Assessment – Every client has its own set of unique needs and circumstances which requires its own set of unique specifications. By listening to and understanding our client’s needs PGS can develop a robust plan to manage those needs on a consistent basis.

Employee Training After the plan is developed the next important step is choosing the right staff and providing verbal, written and on the job training. Periodically employees will be retrained on new developments within our industry along with any cleaning deficiencies observed by QC. To help motivate employees PGS also employs an incentive program that rewards high performers while building on the employee’s own self-motivation. Our goal is to keep employee morale at a high level.

cleaningsuppliesEnvironmentally Friendly Products – Most people these days are concerned with how they affect the environment. PGS is doing our part by utilizing products and processes that reduce our impact on the ecosystem. This is also beneficial to our clients and our staff.

Quality Control – Making sure that the plan is implementing consistently is accomplished through scheduled and random quality checks by management. QC checks are performed in a manner that supports the employee while reinforcing the needs of the client. This also gives the employee the opportunity to voice any suggestions or concerns with his/her duties.

Client Feedback – A big part of how we perform our contractual obligations is getting feedback from our clients on how well we are performing. PGS views our clients as business partners and respects their opinions, requests, and concerns. We mold our services around client feedback.

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