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There is one thing we know for certain about buildings, eventually something will break down and need repairing. Along with repairs there are also alterations and installations needed to keep your building intact. From HVAC, painting, plumbing, flooring, to overhead doors the list of repairs can get very Home Repair Tool Boxlengthy along with finding vendors providing these services.

At PGS we have simplified your search for the various services by centralizing to one source. With our industry partners PGS has the ability to handle diverse maintenance services for our clients. Every building and facility has its own unique requirements but will need preventative maintenance and unpredictable repairs. Have the peace of mind that PGS has your building’s maintenance covered.

Services we offer:


Here are some key benefits of working with PGS:

Efficiency – With our team of local partners we can offer diverse building maintenance services from one source. This saves our clients the time and effort of contacting and managing various building service contractors.

home repair - plumberTrust – We choose our partners based on their industry skills, reputation, and business practices to give our client’s the confidence in knowing that the services will be performed with honesty, quality, and professionalism.

Competitive Pricing – We understand budgets and work with our clients to align the needs of their building to the demands of their bottom line.

Building Upkeep – We use a proactive approach to ensure that your facility’s routine preventative maintenance is performed and make suggestions on repairing or upgrading any deficiencies on your property.

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